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Tips for Working with ESL Students, by Michelle Martin

Working with ESL students can be pretty difficult for tutors. I found this out myself, working with ESL students in the writing center, and one thing that broadened my perspective was an article that I read called “Tutoring ESL Students:... Continue Reading →


The Paperless Writer, by Lauren Webster

Being a writing tutor has become a bit of a routine but has been going well. You are using the information that you have been taught or have picked up in sessions and been helping your writers along the way.... Continue Reading →

Tips on How to Deal with Technology while Tutoring!, by Sadia Raghe

As the world is becoming more technologically-advanced, the computers at the writing centre may seem like they’ve been stuck in the past. Turning on one of them feels like being transported through time, to the days when Internet Explorer was... Continue Reading →

A Tutor’s Best Friend: Adaptability, by Jennifer Hammond

If there’s one cliché that applies to tutoring in a writing centre, it’s to expect the unexpected. Tutors work with a great variety of people, from all disciplines, backgrounds, and all with different goals, expectations and understandings of our role... Continue Reading →

How to Tutor When You’re an Introvert, by Sadia Raghe

As an introvert, I can fairly say that interacting with people, specifically strangers, for long periods of time isn’t my cup of tea. Rather, I enjoy spending time alone, writing and reading in solitude. Growing up in a large family... Continue Reading →

Building Relationships With Writers, by Alex Nanton

I want to take this post to reflect on the value of building relationships – or if we want to sound more professional, rapport – with writers, as a tutor. Surely, as students we build relationships (by which I mean... Continue Reading →

Tips for Scholarly Publishing, By Max Bledstein, Graduate Tutor

Although being a graduate student involves countless hours of writing and producing numerous drafts of papers, finding a journal for publishing your work and making it suit the publication often feels like a new and challenging experience for grad students.... Continue Reading →

Developing Thesis and Conference Proposals, by Max Bledstein

On 25 January 2018, Max Bledstein will lead a UWinnipeg workshop called Developing Thesis and Conference Proposals. It will be held in Room 3G11 from 5 to 7pm. More info can be found here. It’s just as important to look... Continue Reading →

How to Become a Successful Tutor: 6 Tips to Achieve Your Full Potential!, by Giordana Curatolo

Are you a new tutor who is a bit unsure of their tutoring abilities and want to do whatever it takes to succeed? Or even an experienced tutor who wants to refresh on the do’s and don’ts of tutoring?  If... Continue Reading →

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