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Experimenting with Writing By Mackenzie Loucks

When you think of a writing tutor, the image of a Science major probably doesn’t come to mind. This is most likely due to the fact that, as a student in the Faculty of Science, we’re not required to complete... Continue Reading →


Have No Fear, Helpful Hints for Tutoring Anxious Writers Are Here! By Louise Oborne

We’ve all walked into that tutoring session, you know - the one where the writer is so speechless that the sound of crickets becomes so intense, you start to wonder why the University has yet to do anything about the... Continue Reading →

The Throes of Technology: Chicago and I By Cassie Kupfer

A couple weeks ago I had nothing short of a disastrous tutoring session. Though I would like to place all the blame on technology, I should divvy off a slice for myself as well. Let me explain. It all began... Continue Reading →

10 Things Becoming a Writing Tutor Teaches You By Patricia Navidad

Although I’ve only become a writing tutor for the past two months, it has taught me a lot about myself, and tutoring in general. Here are some of the things I’ve learned from tutoring: 1) You don’t have to know... Continue Reading →

Yin and Yang in the Writing Center: How Tutoring Tunes You in to the Way of the Universe by Benjamin Dueck

The ancient Chinese book of changes, known to western culture as the I-Ching, has served as a source of wisdom for time immemorial.  Any earnest and troubled soul can consult this sacred book to find the answer to any conceivable... Continue Reading →

Help Me, I’m Feeling by Maria Zacharias

The writing centre is sometimes an anxiety-ridden place. For one thing, writers often come in with an endless list of worries. They might be running up on deadlines, might need an A on a paper in order to pass a... Continue Reading →

Red Ink: The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback By Diane Little

Let’s be honest. As student writers, we will all submit less than ideal papers at least once during our academic lifetime. Our reasons for this choice range from mismanaging timelines, to feeling challenged by a subject, to overcoming a barrier... Continue Reading →

6 Ways to make Working in the Writing Centre Less Spooky! By Kristen Bullen

As Halloween approaches the writing centre is getting extra spooky! Assignment deadlines are getting closer and students are becoming frantic; it’s time to put on your super tutor cape and impact writing for the better! Here are 6 ways to... Continue Reading →

Tips for the Anxious First-Time Tutor By Sarah Vaage

Yesterday, I tutored a writer for the very first time, and I won’t lie to you, I was a little anxious… okay, terrified might be a better way to put it. I felt like all these expectations and responsibilities were... Continue Reading →

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